Guppy body shapes

Guppies come in different body shapes and fin shapes. This goes for both wild and fancy guppy breeds. Although, I do like fancy guppies in general (for my biggest focus is on wild guppies), I don't agree that all types of body shapes or fin shapes are good to a guppy's wellbeing. But it's the market that apparently asks for a variety of shapes. And a serious number of breeders have been going along with those demands. I feel sorry that such a segment within the guppy world is a reality... Beauty isn't always justified when the wellbeing of a fish is in play...

Above: I myself am not a fan of crowntail guppies. They look as if they've been in a fight or suffering from some serious fin rot. But of course, that's just my personal opinion.

Above & below: Several caudal shapes that fancy guppies can develop.

Below: Guppies with larger pectoral fins. This is possible by the kalymma gene.

Such guppies with large pectoral fins are called Dumbo guppy, Big ear guppy, Elephant ear guppy and Butterfly guppy.

Below: There are three different body shapes in guppies these days. I myself am not that keen on the short body varieties. And it's also not that healthy to those guppies and they will have a shorter lifespan than normal shaped guppies. Their guts are cramped in those short bodies.

Below: One of the Asian creations in guppies are the socalled King guppies. King guppies are also known as "lion head guppies"  and "hump head guppies". I'm not a fan of this variety. But again, the most odd varieties come from Asia. This hump on the head is actually not a fancy trait but a tumor growth. Some growths on the head even cover the eyes which disables a guppy to see.