Events 1

This chapter gives you an impression of my vivaristic event activities. So, I deliberately mention "vivaristic" instead of "aquaristic" for I do participate the bigger whole when it comes to relevant events. This means events with regards to ponds, aquariums and terrariums (including paludariums).

Before November 2011 I haven't been taken any pictures of the events. Which I highly regret to be honest. But this site was created halfway 2011. And I wasn't focusing on taking pictures at that time yet in order to show them on my site. I was more focused on the interaction with my customers during an event.

Also during the events, fish didn't go only to regular customers. But also to other international exhibitors. So, a lot of livebearers (own strains and already exsisting strains) have moved abroad. I do recall that during the Holland Koi Show in Arcen (Limburgia, the Netherlands) even japanese traders were purchasing a lot of  them from me. But besides those events also by orders through other channels, fish has been moved abroad. Thusfar my fish went to Japan, Indonesia, China, Israel, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Czech republic, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Canada and USA.

So, here's a follow up of certain events where I was an exposant at.


Reptilica fair

The Reptilica fair at the Twentehallen in Enschede (the Netherlands) on November 6th 2011 was an unexpected succes.


Vivarium 2012

On March 24th & 25th 2012 I was an exposant at the Vivarium 2012. It's one of the largest vivaristic events known in the Netherlands. I was also invited to participate at an aquaristic event in Berlin that weekend but I had to make a choice.  This event took place at the Home Boxx Exhibition Center in Nieuwegein (the Netherlands).

Above: Layout first floor.

Below: Layout ground floor.


AquaTerra event 2012

On May 12th 2012 I was an exposant at the AquaTerra event 2012. I shared the 5 meter booth with Herman ter Wengel (Frogfoods). This event took place at the Wellant college Westvliet in the Hague (the Netherlands).


Exotic animal day

On August 21st 2012 I've participated the "Exotic (tropical) animal day" at the community center 't Lansink in Hengelo (Ov, the Netherlands). This day was an initiative during the summer season holiday plays. These plays are an initiative to give children from less fortunate homes (who can't effort or just can't go on a vacation) a chance to have a fun time in the last two weeks of their summer vacation. The theme this year was "Ticket to the tropics". So, all kinds of tropical or exotic issues were thinkable and a logical step was to have also an exotic animal day.


DBA hobbydag 2012

On September 2nd 2012 Herman ter Wengel (Frogfoods) and I shared a 4 meter booth again on the DBA hobbydag. The location of this event was at the "Zalencentrum en sporthal de Hoornbloem" in Den Hoorn (the Netherlands).


Ectotherma 2012

On September 8th 2012 the first edition of Ectotherma had its kick-off. It's an event powered by the Vivarium.


AquaTerra event 2013
On May 25th 2013 I've shared a booth with Frogfoods again on the AquaTerra event 2013 at the Wellant college Westvliet in The Hague. It's been the second edition this year and an even successful event as last year's.


Holland Koi Show 2013
On August 16th, 17th & 18th 2013 I've been participating the Holland Koi Show at the Castle Gardens of Arcen (Province of Limburgia), the Netherlands. Two weeks before this event had its kick-off, I was asked by the board to join this event. For they didn't actually had a real exhibitor with freshwater fish. The exhibitors who did have fish on their booth were more or less just displaying them and some were meant for trade.



Terraria Zwolle 2013
On September 8th 2013 the Terraria Zwolle 2013 was held. I myself didn't exactly had my own booth overthere. Basically, I've helped out some other exhibitors by providing them endlers and wild guppies by request. In order to resell them at the fair. I've helped out some exhibitors at their booth during my presence overthere.


DBA Hobbydag 2013
On September 15th 2013 Frogfoods and Emeraldking-aquatics shared a booth again at the DBA Hobbydag in Den Hoorn, the Netherlands.


Naturaria fair 2013
On September 22nd 2013 Frogfoods and Emeraldking-aquatics participated the Naturaria fair at the Antwerp Expo in Antwerp (Belgium).

We hit the road very early to get in time to the exhibition center and amazingly we were even one of the first ones to arrive. We had a spot to the large wall which seemed to be an amazing location.


International Endler Championship 2013 Berlin
This remarkable event took place during the Pet fair at the Velodrom Berlin in Berlin (Germany) on October 31st 2013 and lasted up till November 3rd 2013.

I left my hometown in the morning on October 30th by train and arrived just after 4 p.m.

Above: Having conversations with Claus Osche and Ronan Boutot.

I've met up with Dr. Hans-Joachim Hermann and Dr. Wolfgang Staeck. I've also joined their lectures during the Pet fair.  Both wellknown within the European vivaristic field. Dr. Hermann is known for his expertise regarding the terraristic world.  And Dr. Staeck is known for his expertise regarding aquaristics. He's very focused on the world of cichlids. But within the field of endlers, he's known for the so-called Staeck endler which is named after him and he was also the first collector of this strain.

Above: From left to right → Dr. Hans-Joachim Hermann, Stan de Jong and Dr. Wolfgang Staeck.

Below: Also afterwards we've been discussing certain topics regarding several endlers and of course a specific topic about the Staeck endlers.

Also afterwards we've been discussing certain topics regarding several endlers and of course a specific topic about the Staeck endlers with Wolfgang Staeck.

From left to right:
Jörn Strahl, Knut Bieler, Peter Raschke, Stan de Jong, Séverine Boutot, Ronan Boutot, Claus Osche and Katja Tyka.
Note: Some pictures in this topic were taken by Katja Tyka, Stefan Hetz and Ronan Boutot.


Aquaterra event 2014
On May 10th 2014 the 3rd edition of the Aquaterra event took place. But this time on a new location. After two years to be held in The Hague, the 3rd edition was held in Berkel en Rodenrijs (the Netherlands). 


Tandkarperspektakel (Toothcarp exhibition) Asperen 2014

On September 5th, 6th and 7th 2014 we had an exhibition regarding several toothcarps like killifish and all kinds of livebearers. Association with this exhibition was a competition and an auction. 

Above: Overhere in this left pic from left to right: me, Jamie Horne and Eamon Smith.


DGLZ Leistungsschau, Diemelsee-Adorf 2014

On September 12th, 13th and 14th 2014 I was one of the jurors together with Peter Raschke (DGLZ) and Claus Osche (IGPD) for the category endlers (wild- and hybrid strains) at the Livebearer show in Diemelsee-Adorf (Germany).


Naturaria fair, Antwerp 2014
On September 28th 2014 the Naturaria fair was held at the Antwerp expo in Antwerp, Belgium.
Me and my buddy Herman went there to share a booth again and fortunately we had the same location on the exhibition floor.


DN Kikkerdag 2014
On October 4th 2014 I went along with Frogfoods to set up a booth just with livefood for reptiles and amphibians at the DN Kikkerdag (frog event) 2014 in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. This event was organized by Dendrobatidae Nederland (DN).