4:43, 1 sep 2012

New phase of Emeraldking-aquatics

In order to start the new event season (September 2012) and also a new start after recovering from colon cancer, I've restyled the image of Emeraldking-aquatics. All promotional items have been restyled to the new logo and housestyle by own design.

The new logo:

The new business card :

The businesscard below shows my other activities in the aquaristic field like workshops and so on.

A promotional card has been introduced as well and shows my own individual as being the owner of Emeraldking-aquatics. A sample is shown beneath :

In order to promote my booth at events, two different banners have been created as well. These are the new banners :

But also when an item of Emeraldking-aquatics is displayed at some event, a small promotional banner will do the job.

An example of this banner with a displayed open paludarium of Emeraldking-aquatics is shown overhere :

And of course, to make a good impression on the road and at the parking lots of exhibition centers, my car has turned into a promotional tool as well.

But also some printed t-shirts have been purchased to do the job at events...


I'm very pleased by how the new promotion look has developed. And I hope you'll agree as well?


I'm ready to start the new event season!

September 2017.

In order to update the presentation at vivaristic events, I've decided to change the outfits. New shirts with printed logos on the chest and back. To represent water, I've decided to choose marine blue, light blue and white shirts. I had a preference to have a green text print on the back of the shirts because of the name "Emerald" in "Emeraldking- aquatics". But it turned out that using white and light blue shirts, this particular colour green doesn't have the effect on those shirts. So, only the marine blue shirts have a perfect green text print on the back and the other two colours have a black text print instead.

Besides the present banners, I've also chose a roll up banner to use at vivaristic events. This to give the booth more presence.
Overhere the roll up banner which was used for the first time at the Vivarium 2017.
 It's 80 cm wide and 2 meters high.