During the Holland Koi Show in August 2013 at the Castle Gardens of Arcen in Arcen (Province of Limburgia) in the Netherlands, there's also been a huge tent with the sign above the entrance saying: Holland Aquarium Show and Holland Shrimp Show. Besides these two names; one was missing on the sign. For also the Holland Betta Show was present on this show.

On this big event pondlife and related merchandise were the main focus. Starting and keeping ponds in a serious way can result in high costs. To give visitors an option to maintain an aquatic hobby with a more friendly billing, this tent full of aquaristic sightseeings showed the possibilities. There were sufficient exposants with freshwater livestock like e.g. fish and several crustaceans. Also plants, tanks, decoration, food, supplements and supplies were shown and sold. And for sure all kinds of novities within the technical field of aquaristics.

The Koimagazine "Koiwijzer" from the koi society KOI 2000 wrote a 4 page article  about this huge event. And some details related to the Holland Aquarium Show which also I've participated. In one magazine photo a part of my booth is to be seen.

International Guppy Fachjournal

In June 2013 I was acknowledged by Claus Osche (member of Guppytreff-Berlin and DGLZ) of an initiative to set up an international endler championship in Berlin. I was really enthusiastic by the idea and told him that I would love to send in some fish of mine as an entry to participate the championship. In August 2013 he asked me if I would like to become one of the jurors of the international jury, which I've gladly accepted. Joining the team in late October in Berlin I had an incredible awesome time and somewhat also educational (you're never too old to learn even more...).
It turned out to be an endlershow which had an international allure with all the entries of several countries as we've expected it to be. I've met up with several VIP's from the european freshwater tank scene and made also other new friends within this field.

 Michael J. Schönefeld

One of them was Michael J. Schönefeld from DPS Verlag in Dortmund. He's the ceo/publisher of the freshwater magazine "International Guppy Fachjournal".

In the edition of January 2014 a specific article has been published regarding the International Endler Championship.

I was really anxious for the edition to show up in my mailbox. Some fish which were participating the championship were also published. One of them was my entry of japan blue lyretail blue fins. It was tagged as being a japan blue wingei variety.

Have to admit that I was very pleased that my name and one of my fish was published as well. Of all the entries of japan blue, my japan blues were the only ones with lyretails and blue fins.

 January 2014 edition IGF

Poecilia nieuws

In August 2015 I was asked to write an article for "Poecilia nieuws" about the Killifish and Livebearer Convention 2015 in Asperen. And I gladly did...
The article has been published  in the November edition.
"Poecilia nieuws" is the quarterly magazine of Poecilia Netherlands (dutch society of livebearers).


In the February edition 2016 of Poecilia nieuws, Emeraldking- aquatics has been mentioned in the balance sheet 2015 regarding my contribution to the 3 week lasting AquaHortus2015 exhibition at the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden (the Netherlands).


In the May edition 2016 an article has been published by me about the micropoecilia picta. The pictures were made by others. I've send some pictures as well to be published but they were not of a good quality. So, I'm really glad that two other members have been offering their pictures instead.
This article was suppose to be published in the Febuary edition 2016 but due to computer problems of the lay-out supervisor plural articles could not be published in February. So, they were all postponed and published in the May edition 2016.


The October 2016 edition contained a 4 page article written by me about the PN Asperen 2016 meeting. It was held in combination of the 41st edition of the KFN meeting. Officially PN did not contribute to the show itself. Despite of that, PN did have a small set up with several livebearers on the exhibition floor.

An article (3 pages) of mine about the VDA-AK and PN meeting in Bocholt (Germany) on October 29th 2016 was published in the February 2017 edition of Poecilia Nieuws. Both societies met up at the Kamperschroer Hotel in Bocholt, Germany. 

An article (4 pages) written by me about the Poecilia formosa was published in the February 2018 edition of Poecilia Nieuws. It tells about the Poecilia formosa also known as the Amazon molly. A unique wild strain of a molly. It concerns an asexual strain which reproduces itself by gynogenesis.

AquaHortus Leiden magazine  (Botanical Gardens of the University of Leiden)

During the 3 week AquaHortus2015 exhibition, Emeraldking-aquatics's logo has been published in the AquaHortus Leiden magazine as being an exhibitor and  sponsor.

And there was also a flyer with all the sponsors mentioned...

Also the website of the AquaHortus2015 published all introductions of all participants of the exhibition on individual pages.