This chapter gives you an impression of my vivaristic event activities. So, I deliberately mention "vivaristic" instead of "aquaristic" for I do participate the bigger whole when it comes to relevant events. This means events with regards to ponds, aquariums and terrariums (including paludariums).

Before November 2011 I haven't been taken any pictures of the events. Which I highly regret to be honest. But this site was created halfway 2011 and I wasn't focusing on taken pictures at that time yet in order to show them on my site. I was more focused on the interaction with my customers during an event.

Also during the events, not just to regular customers fish has been sold to. But also to other international exhibitors. So, a lot of livebearers (own strains and already exsisting strains) were sold abroad. I do recall that during the Holland Koi Show in Arcen (Limburgia, the Netherlands) even japanese traders were purchasing a lot of  them from me. But besides those events also by orders through email, social media and my website, fish has been sold abroad. Thusfar my fish went to Japan, Indonesia, China, Israel, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Czech republic, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Canada and USA.

So, here's a follow up of certain events where I was an exposant at.


Reptilica fair

The Reptilica fair at the Twentehallen in Enschede (the Netherlands) on November 6th 2011 was an unexpected succes.

My booth consisted about several information about aquaristics.

The essence of the fair was based on terraristics. I on the other hand made a link to aquaristics through the concept of paludaria.

It was a remarkable day... A lot of visitors came to the booth to gather good information e.g., concerning alternative medication methods, water balances, livebearing strains, etc...

According to the board of the organisation, I did rather well for an aquaristic exhibitor on such an event like this. Also my fellow exhibitors, visitors and organisation paid their compliments about the presentation of my booth. Which of course triggered a feeling of pride and a drive to expand my agenda to stroll more events.


Up to the next one!!!


Vivarium 2012

On March 24th & 25th 2012 I was an exposant at the Vivarium 2012. It's one of the largest vivaristic events known in the Netherlands. I was also invited to participate at an aquaristic event in Berlin that weekend but I had to make a choice.  This event took place at the Home Boxx Exhibition Center in Nieuwegein (the Netherlands).

I was suppose to have my booth downstairs. But two weeks before the event I was told to have my booth on the first floor. That really bugged me till I knew what spot on the floor was mine. I really had a great spot. To the right side in the middle of the floor with one open side. This gave me more expansion...

  Downstairs floor

    First floor

                                                                  ↑ my booth on the corner (nr.123)

All the preps in the morning to be in time to have the booth done takes some time and effort. Below (left picture) my buddy Herman ter Wengel (Frogfoods) who shared his booth with Eric van Wanrooij (Jewelspray). They had their booth exactly right beneath mine. We were suppose to be standing beside eachother. And on the right picture (left on the picture) our booth which still had to be done. Just a few stuff were already put behind it...


It was a great weekend to me and Selim (a friend of mine who helped me out for two days). Sales went extremely well and also the infotainment was appreciated by the visitors

It was really two days without hardly some sleep but also very repaying when it came to sales and respect of my customers. And an extremely good opportunity to promote the hobby...

I got invited by Zilverhaai Beringen for next years 4 days event in Belgium to have my own booth and do workshops. Networking on those two days went well and several forum members showed up to socialize and to pick up their orders.

Just a pity that we were notified this September that the Vivarium 2013 will not take place becoz' of financial reasons. A sponsor stop of some big names happened. I truly hope that some solution will come forward to make the Vivarium work again... No more Vivarium... is a loss to our hobby!


AquaTerra event 2012

On May 12th 2012 I was an exposant at the AquaTerra event 2012. I shared the 5 meter booth with Herman ter Wengel (Frogfoods). This event took place at the Wellant college Westvliet in the Hague (the Netherlands).

We were having our booth in the so-called "the Dome". The Dome is an area with a huge koi pond. In this pond three islands are situated with huge palmtrees on them. As in the picture already shows, we had our booth under the stairs.

Around this pond all kinds of booths were placed  and we had a perfect spot. The combined booth was a succes!

Besides this event, also a spring fair and a show with birds of prey took place that day. The tropical ambiance was perfect for the theme that was going on...


Exotic animal day

On August 21st 2012 I've participated the "Exotic (tropical) animal day" at the neigbourhood center 't Lansink in Hengelo (Ov, the Netherlands). This day was an initiative during the summer season holiday plays. These plays are an initiative to give children from less fortunate homes (who can't effort or just can't go on a vacation) a chance to have a fun time in the last two weeks of their summer vacation. The theme this year was "Ticket to the tropics". So, all kinds of tropical or exotic issues were thinkable and a logical step was to have also an exotic animal day.

  This open paludarium stayed for 2 weeks

Those who participated had to do it totally on a volunteering bases. I was asked as well to participate as being the only aquarist / paludarian.  Most of the volunteers were terrarians and birdkeepers.

It was an interesting day for both children and volunteers. Children in ages of 3 till 12 years old could ask questions about all kinds of exotic animals which were brought along. I myself also organized a colouring picture competition which went very well. Every single kid won a goldcoloured medal. For there were no loosers, just winners! For sure, there were also three first prices for the best three boys and the best three girls.

 Kids were really fascinated...

A very fun, interesting and educational day for me as well for those kids. I wasn't used to give workshops in this field to young children. But it was quite refreshing and an experience...


DBA hobbydag 2012

On September 2nd 2012 Herman ter Wengel (Frogfoods) and I shared a 4 meter booth again on the DBA hobbydag. The location of this event was at the "Zalencentrum en sporthal de Hoornbloem" in Den Hoorn (the Netherlands)


This event is an initiative of the poison dart frog association . It's mainly focused on terraristics. Despite of this fact, I was aiming on paludarians this time. Another aim was to show some fashion jewellery which were related to the vivaristic field like e.g., snake rings, snake brooches, bracelets with fish items on them, snake earrings, etc... It turned out a good choice to have brought them along.

Once again, it was a fun, relaxed and a nice networking day just like the year before...


Ectotherma 2012

On September 8th 2012 the first edition of Ectotherma had its kick-off. It's an event powered by the Vivarium.

Despite of the fact that I had to take sufficient rest and sleep just like the week before. It ended up being lying down on bed for just 3 hours before getting up again. Two events in a row after just having surgery three times in one month time; was pretty exhausting to me. But I've decided to follow my agenda as it was planned. I already skipped all events (with the exception of one...) in August to focus on my surgeries and to recover.

The day started of pretty cold and  we were all asking ourselves wether it wasn't too cold to bring all the animals inside the Mercuriushal where the event took place. But fortunately, it took just about 45 minutes when we arrived that it became really nice and warm inside. "Nice" changed into very uncomfortable after two hours. For the heat increased and I had the sun shining on my back the whole morning and a great deal of the afternoon.

In general it was a"tame" event as we call it as being exposants. Fortunately, it didn't effect my booth. I had already all my reservations like every event and sales throught the day went well as well... But is started off slow for everyone.

Fashion jewellery

I brought along some fashion jewellery as well just like at the DBA hobbydag. Quite some interest was shown for vivaristic related fashion jewellery.


 Selim G. was helping me again.

We had a fun day and at least for myself an excellent day for networking at the same time. Through the day several forum members showed up to have a social meeting at my booth and to pick up their orders.

My good friend Ronald Bosma from Altenesch (Germany) drove 3,5 hours to meet up with me. ↓



All three pictures above are forum members from who paid a visit at my booth and as already mentioned to pick up their orders. Also forum members from showed up.

Some highlights of the day

Beneath: me and Filip Maes (webmaster at Zilverhaai Beringen, Belgium). We've already met up at the Vivarium 2012, where he invited me to participate with my own booth and do workhops during a 4-day event in 2013. Wether it's a go or not, I felt already honoured to be asked to contribute to such an event.

 Filip Maes, Zilverhaai Beringen

Also Willem van Wezel came by at my booth. He complimented me on my booth's presentation and how I presented my livestock. The way I present them is in a stressfree situation during the day. Willem van Wezel is a wellknown aquarist in the dutch aquaristic scene and therefore I felt and still feel honoured to have had his compliments.

 Willem van Wezel (dutch V.I.P. aquarist)

A collage of the day

The day ended a bit earlier after the general sales went down for most exhibitors, We've waited for a bit longer before putting all the stuff in the boxes again. After we've finished, we drove off to Ede (Gelderland, the Netherlands) to pay a visit to "'t Guppy". This is a LFS (superstore) which has a massive aquaristic department.

Again, a full day spend on our fascinating hobby...

AquaTerra event 2013

On May 25th 2013 I've shared a booth with Frogfoods again on the AqauTerra event 2013 at the Wellantcollege Westvliet in The Hague. It's been the second edition this year and an even succesful event as last year's.

AquaTerra event 2013, the Hague

We had a bit over 6,5 meters booth length. And it was the same spot like last year, which we have requested for. It was an excellent spot to represent ourselves. Newcomers and familiar faces of exposants represented themselves on the second edition of this event.

Beneath some collages of the day's event are shown.

collage emeraldking-aquatics1 AT

collage2 emeraldking-aquatics AT

collage3 emeraldking-aquatics AT

collage4 emeraldking-aquatics AT

It's been a fun day again together with my buddy Herman. Early in the morning before the entrance was opened to the public, both of us were inspecting all other exposants. Always fun to do so...

Herman ter Wengeler Aquaterra event 2013

And of course, we had both our booths wellfilled. Actually, we had only ordered a 5 meter booth but that day we got 1,5 meters extra. Which was a real relieve if we look at the amount of merchandise which we brought along.
But with the extra table we had a shortage of our cloth to cover each table. So this extra table had to be represented without a nice cloth.
my booth emeraldking-aquatics emeraldking-aquatics

I had customers who came over from other cities e.g. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and so on... especially to purchase endlers from my booth. They were just guessing that I would be around during this event. For I was registered under the name of Frogfoods (Herman's business) and not Emeraldking-aquatics. So, it was a lucky guess of them.

Fellow exposants who I reguralry meet up with on events like these are for example Paul Vons ( He's a breeder of crusteceans and invertebrates. And also since this year (2013) a breeder of specific endlers which I've provided to him.

Paul Vons & Stan de Jong

Another fellow exposant is Jeff Pedro (Vito) from "House of Notho". A devoted breeder of nothobranchius killifish, gambusia holbrooki and wildguppies.  And since this year (2013) also a breeder of specific endlers which I've provided to him.

Jeff Pedro (Vito) & Stan de Jong

Also this event has been a rewarding one in both commercial way and global networking. Further on I'd like to thank Mike Beentjes for taking pictures of this event which are also published on the collages shown above.

The third edition (2014) of this event will not take place at the Welllantcollege Westvliet in the Hague anymore. Further data on this topic will be published during spring 2014.

Holland Koi Show 2013

On August 16th, 17th & 18th 2013 I've been participating the Holland Koi Show at the Castle Gardens of Arcen (Province of Limburgia), the Netherlands. Two weeks before this event had its kick-off, I was asked by the board to join this event. For they didn't actually had a real exhibitor with freshwater fish. The exhibitors who did have fish on their booth were more or less just displaying them and some were meant for trade.

On the huge area where this event was held a seperate area was meant for the huge fishtank tent. And this part of the event was called the Holland Aquarium Show. In this specific tent also two other shows were held. These were the Holland Betta Show and the Holland Shrimp Show.


All three days have been well visited. About 25.000 paying visitors were counted. I've cooperated with Fishworld (LFS in Borne, Holland) during those days. And we were having our booth s near to eachother. So, we could help eachother out during the day.


I had the whole trailer filled with merchandise and livestock. And despite of the fact that I brought along a lot of merchandise and livestock, at the end of day two I was already sold out with the livestock. Fortunately, I was able to arrange something with the son of the ceo of Fishworld. So, I was able to have new livestock on the third day. It's been a real succesful day of commerce. It was a real international happening starting from day one.

Above you can see a compilation of those days...


Terraria Zwolle 2013

On September 8th 2013 the Terraria Zwolle 2013 was held. I myself didn't exactly had my own booth overthere. Basically, I've helped out some other exhibitors by providing them endlers and wildguppies by request. In order to resell them at the fair. I've helped out some exhibitors at their booth during my presence overthere. 

It was a nice afternoon and it was totally different from having my own booth. But despite of that I do have to admit that I've met up with plenty acquainted exhibitors and customers.


Also contacted some fellow aquarists from the society Natuurvrienden-Zwolle during that afternoon. And of course, with a lot of chitchat among aquarists.


When the day was done I went home with some new purchases. I've purchased extra black bar endlers and a very small treefrog.

 Done for the day...

DBA Hobbydag 2013

On September 15th 2013 frogfoods and Emeraldking-aquatics shared a booth again at the DBA Hobbydag in Den Hoorn, the Netherlands.

Actually we were suppose to build our booth on another floor but in some way it wouldn't have been the right spot for us. So, we requested to build our booth on the larger floor. And it turned out to be an excellent spot. It was really good centered and when already entering the room you could see us right away.

On this day we saw a lot of  acquaintances from other events and forums hopping by. Always fun to meet up with them again. Especially, becoz'  we don't get to see them too often for they live pretty far away from our hometown.
It was a fun day and for sure wellspend...

Naturaria fair 2013

On September 22nd 2013 Frogfoods and Emeraldking-aquatics participated the Naturaria fair at the Antwerp Expo in Antwerp (Belgium).

We hit the road very early to get in time to the exhibition center and amazingly we were even one of the first ones to arrive. We had a spot to the large wall which seemed to be an amazing location.

We started building up our booth in a rapid way. I'd let Herman build up first and the space that was left created my part of the booth. It was really cold for the first hour but fortunately they had soup, coffee and cookies waiting for us.


When we finished building up our booth, we made a walk around the floor to see what kinds of exhibitors had showed up. When we were almost done, we could see a huge crowd of visitors already waiting till the doors would open. So, we head back to our booth and we were amazed how many people were already passing the entrance at 10 a.m.

Also forummembers of the ERU hopped by from the Netherlands and from Belgium to pick up their ordered bags with endlers in it. New faces and familiair faces showed up again.
I myself had some fish ordered as well from Jan de Rooij (from the society Zilverhaai Beringen). Some were meant for me and some were meant for some customers of mine.

It also seemed that booklets and signs with amphibians on them were a real seller in Antwerp.  Also talking to belgian aquarists about the hobby was a big happening. It seems that belgian aquarists are more willing to discuss all kinds of aquaristic topics than dutch aquarists. At least, that's what I've noticed that day...

At the end of the day when we were already done to reassemble our booth, we helped out our other buddy (Erik van Wanrooij from "Jewellspray" and also from our hometown) and his wife to build down their booth.  We were all having our booths next to eachother. Which was really practical so we could help eachother during the day.
It was an ecxiting day  and we both didn't have any complaints about the attention we've got overthere.

International Endler Championship 2013 Berlin

This remarkable event took place during the Pet fair at the Velodrom Berlin in Berlin (Germany) on October 31st 2013 and lasted up till November 3rd 2013.


I left my hometown in the morning on October 30th by train and arrived just after 4 p.m.

After arriving at Berlin central station I was brought to the Velodrom Berlin. Members of Guppytreff-Berlin, IGPD and DGLZ were busy with prepping the tank set ups for the show. I started helping them out as well in order to get things done in time.

 Just done with the set up. Time for a chat...


On October 31st we had the judging of all entries of endlers which came from several european countries. For me it was the first time in a role of a juror. I found it educational and for sure I felt glad that I was doing something different within the aquaristic field than being an exhibitor and advisor.

Below: In conversation with Claus Osche and Ronan Boutot.

I was very pleased to meet up with my fellow jurors from Germany and France. Exchanging experiences, chitchat about mainly endlers and guppies. But I also met up with other members of certain aquarium societies, VIP's from the european freshwater scene and other aquaristic exhibitors.

Starting from November 1st up till November 3rd we had the endler show during the Pet fair and we had lots of attention those three days.  I didn't only spend time at the endler show, I also went to several lectures  within the aquaristic field overthere.

Mura Kilic                                                                             Stan de Jong, Ronan Boutot and Knut Bieler

During my stay overthere I wrote a blog in order to keep the dutch forummembers of the (ERU) and other related forums updated. Here's a link to this blog: .


Well, on saturday evening we had the granting of the championship trophees after we had a berliner evening at a restaurant.

I've met up with Dr. Hans-Joachim Hermann and Dr. Wolfgang Staeck. I've also joined their lectures during the Pet fair.  Both wellknown within the european vivaristic field. Dr. Hermann is known for his expertise regarding the terraristic world.  And Dr. Staeck is known for his expertise regarding aquaristics. He's very focused on the world of cichlids. But within the field of endlers, he's known for the so-called staeck endler which is named after him and he was also the first collector of this strain.

Below: From left to right → Dr. Hans-Joachim Hermann, Stan de Jong and Dr. Wolfgang Staeck.

Also afterwards we've been discussing certain topics regarding several endlers and of course a specific topic about the staeck endlers.

Overhere some pictures of the entries of endlers are shown below.

So, at the beginning of the sunday evening, we've started to build down the set ups. All of us contributed in building down. Wow! We had to get rid of a lot of water from the tanks. My t-shirt was soaked when the water splashed out of the tanks the whole time while walking to the restrooms to empty those tanks.


I myself have stayed in Berlin up till November 4th. When I left my luggage at a safe deposit at the Berlin central station, I did some sightseeing before I started heading home again. For there wasn't that much opportunity during the endler show to explore Berlin. 


I have really enjoyed every bit of my time in Berlin and I do like to thank the organization of the endler championship (which includes also Claus Osche, Jörn Strahl and so on...) for this magnificent opportunity to be part of it.

From left to right:
Jörn Strahl, Knut Bieler, Peter Raschke, Stan de Jong, Séverine Boutot, Ronan Boutot, Claus Osche and Katja Tyka.

Note: Some pictures in this topic were taken by Katja Tyka, Stefan Hetz and Ronan Boutot.

Aquaterra event 2014

On May 10th 2014 the 3rd edition of the Aquaterra event took place. But this time on a new location. After two years to be held in The Hague, the 3rd edition was held in Berkel en Rodenrijs (the Netherlands). 

To all of us it was a new situation becoz'  of the new location. It turned out to be a well visited event during the day.
We (Frogfoods and Emeraldking-aquatics) were one of the first ones to arrive on location and started building up our booths. My booth was situated next to the Bettas4all booth.


The doors to the audience opened up at 10.00 am and very soon after that moment the whole floor was filled with visitors. Besides new customers also my steady customers paid a visit at my booth for a chat and purchases.


It was the first time I wasn't able to take a walk on the floor to take a look at all other booths until late afternoon becoz' of the business at my booth during the day.

Becoz' of Mother's day the next day, I brought along several kinds of fashion jewellery (related to terraristics) and that business went well.


Xander Valkenburg (the organizer of this event) made a bet. If the registration of the exposants reached its max; he would be wearing a frog's suit during the day. And he actually did!
Also a good lunch has been served and Xander Valkenburg brought the plates personally to the booths.


Beneath some highlights of the day...

It's been a wonderful day with old (also forum members of the ERU were among them) and new customers. 
I've also been requested to contribute during the AquaHortus 2015 which will be running from September 5th 2015 up till September 27th 2015 by providing fish and if possible also some lectures during that period.

So, it's been a day with positive surprises...

Tandkarperspektakel (Toothcarp exhibition) Asperen 2014

On September 5th, 6th and 7th 2014 we had an exhibition regarding several toothcarps like killifish and all kinds of livebearers. Association with this exhibition was a competition and an auction. 

The judging of the fish took place on September 5th. The following days were meant for the show and the auction.

The event was organized by Killi Fish Nederland (KFN), Poecilia Nederland (PN) and the forum (ERU). Some sponsorship came from Casa di guppy (Jef Pedro) and Endless-endlers (Paul Eijkhout).
Together with Peter Raschke (DGLZ), Leo van der Meer (PN), Jef Pedro (PN & ERU), Axel Eywill (ERU) and myself (ERU) were the judges for the categories wildguppies and endlers (both wild- and hybridstrains).  Jef Pedro was the back-up juror in this case.

Pictures below: Part of the team members of the ERU and PN.

It was the first time that this combination of cooperation (KFN, PN and ERU) took place. The event became international not only by Axel Eywil and Peter Raschke as being jurors but also when it came to the entries and guests.

Picture left: Fred Poeser during a lecture.                    Picture right: Topic campoma and cumana region

And yes, there has been also some time left in the evening to discuss certain items of the day with some fellow aquarists in my hotelroom.

On saturday we had the awards after we had a nice open buffet. 

And the best of show was the following livebearer:

On sunday we had a nice gathering with some old friends from England after we had the last auction.

Overhere in this left pic from left to right: me, Jamie Horne and Eamon Smith.

The event turned out to be a succes and for sure a compliment to all participants of the show.

DGLZ Leistungsschau, Diemelsee-Adorf 2014

On September 12th, 13th and 14th 2014 I was one of the jurors together with Peter Raschke (DGLZ) and Claus Osche (IGPD) for the category endlers (wild- and hybridstrains) at the Livebearer show in Diemelsee-Adorf (Germany).

Overhere a photo impression of the show:

And of course a collage of some fish from the show:

And when we were done cleaning up all set ups on the exhibition floor; I was brought to the train station of Korbach. And I was ready for heading home...

Naturaria fair, Antwerp 2014

On September 28th 2014 the Naturaria fair was held at the Antwerp expo in Antwerp, Belgium.
Me and my buddy Herman went there to share a booth again and fortunately we had the same location on the exhibition floor.

I chose deliberately for a quarter of the total booth length. That was sufficient space to work with for me. Most fish were sold out of the styrofoam boxes which I brought along. A system which worked perfectly just like the former year.

The ratio aquarstic booths with this edition was less then last year's edition. Nevertheless, it was a great day for both of us.  Sales went well! Also aquaintances within this field showed up massively.

 Had sufficient customers at my booth.

Total remark of the day: Awesome and fun!

DN Kikkerdag 2014

On October 4th 2014 I went along with Frogfoods to set up a booth just with livefood for reptiles and amphibians at the DN Kikkerdag (frog event) 2014 in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. This event was organized by Dendrobatidae Nederland (DN).


The day started off as a very relaxed one. We were one of the first exhibitors to show up which gave us sufficient time to set things up and take our time to chat with other exhibitors. 

The doors to the public opened up at noon. It didn't tale too long before the whole floor was crowded by enthusiasts. It was the usual look at such events.... people with insulaton bags and styrofoam boxes wandering across the exhibition floor on the quest for new items and livestock.

One of the exhibitors who I had a great time with was Ombry Santos from He's an expert in rainforest terraristics. For sure learned a lot from him that day... What a guy!

 Ombry Santos.

It's been an exhibition day for me without a single thing to sell within the field of aquaristics this time. And for sure also a very fun thing to do...